Who ever heard of anyone singing all four voices: soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone? Such a person existed, a shepherd in the mountains of eastern Italy. Deep in his throat is his vocal cord family, Maria, Mimi, Roberto, and Carlos as his sole companions, singing the night away. How could this boy go from the serenity of caring for his flock of sheep, to fame in the halls of the La Scala Opera House?


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What better setting for a tale about voices of the opera than Italy. I got the idea of turning Lorenzo’s vocal cords into humanized sub-characters, who play the part of soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, and baritone voices. I checked my medical books and discovered there are two main vocal cords and two shadow vocal chords. So I decided to take artistic liberties and combine them into four full vocal cords. Since Lorenzo, the main character, didn’t know what was going on, I figured I could get away with it.

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