How can a tribe of cliff dwellers teach Songbird a rain dance when the tribe doesn’t exist? Wearing a sacred Katrina Mask given to him by the same mysterious Indians, Songbird demonstrates the spiritual dance to his own people shown to him by the “Ancient Ones.” The outcome brings great joy and relief to his tribe.

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When my wife, son, and I traveled to different locations in Colorado every summer in our motorhome, we’d meet my wife’s mother and father in their “rig” at a recreational vehicle (RV) park. The state had many tourist attractions, and one of the places we visited was an ancient cliff dwelling which I enjoyed. When we returned home, I researched the Anasazi Indians who had lived there, and discovered they had mysteriously disappeared from the area around the 14th century or earlier. When I began writing I found it to be an interesting subject, where I was able to use my “spiritual” imagination.

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