Student’s Letters From Ocotillo School

What a thrill it was to receive letters from Ms. Lyn Jacobson’s entire third-grade class at Ocotillo School in Palmdale, CA, where I had read “Horace the Great, Harmonica King,” the previous week for Dr. Seuss Day. Lyon Jacobson’s personal card was also appreciated.

I’m sure Lyn had written some sort of outline on the chalkboard for her students to use in reference to my reading and talk. But they still had to use their own skills and creativity in the letters they each wrote, and I could detect that.

Here are a few examples:

“I appreciate you volunteering to read to our class.”

“I loved ‘Horace the Great, Harmonica King,’ it was a great story.”

“My favorite part is when Maxwell the cat is thrown out in the cold.”

“I liked the story of your life when you were a musician.”

“I think I have one of your 38 children’s stories.”

“Which one of your stories is your favorite?”

“I like the part where Horace the mouse plays the harmonica.”

“It was very exciting when the cat tried to eat Horace.”

“I would like to read your other books.”

“I loved ‘Horace the Great,” because I play the harmonica.

“Thank you for telling us about your wife, the dancer.”

“I liked it when the harmonica fell on his head.”

“You are a nice guy, that is the end of my letter.”

“I like the part where the harmonica falls off her bracelet.”

“I appreciated the information you gave us about writing a book.”

“I like Max the cat because he’s fat and sneaky.”

“It’s so awesome you wrote this book”

“This book is funny and it makes people laugh.”

There were so many other comments and they were just as good and to the point.

I would like to thank all at Ocotillo School for inviting me to this most pleasurable event.

The entire session was recorded on video by Ben Andrews of ilivetodayav that eventually will be seen on YouTube.


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