About six months ago I decided to buy an iPad. My son, David, downloaded many apps that I found useful in my work as a writer and other projects I’d been working on.

I loved my new toy. While I took rests from playing my chromatic harp—which were many, I’d open the iPad and see what was going in the FB world or what emails had come in. It was great laying in my recliner practicing the harmonica and playing with the iPad, the best of both worlds.

But my idyllic world of indolence came tumbling down when I discovered to my dismay that the new iPad wouldn’t take a charge. After seeing the 20% power hadn’t gone up to a 100%, I again charged it…and nothing! I immediately scampered over to Best Buy where the Geek Squad neglected to test it and took my word the machine no longer worked. The repairman referred me to another line where I had to return the iPad and get a new one. Luckily, I had purchased a warranty for a year and it wouldn’t cost me a cent. The sales girl wildly ran throughout the store trying to find my expensive model as the line behind me grew to great lengths. To my relief she finally returned after about 20 minutes, as the looks from those waiting behind me were getting more vicious. “Sorry,” the girl nonchalantly said, “we’re out of that model. We won’t get an order in for three weeks.” I knew she was wrong so I told her I would wait for it to come in. Two days later I received an email telling me to pick it up at the store.

I had no trouble setting it up as I had had previous experience. When my son came home this past weekend, he again downloaded the apps plus new ones. He had also bought new cell phones for the both of us as I was going to replace my old dinosaur. I had time left on the old one but it needed recharging, but wouldn’t charge. David asked if that was the same outlet I had tried to recharge the old iPad. I answered it was. He then asked if there was a wall switch to that particular plug in the living room. I had to think for a moment, and then remembered there might be one behind the TV in the large wall unit. A couple of days before the iPad went dead, a Direct TV installer had been working behind the TV. Sure enough, I found a wall switch behind the TV and realized the installer had inadvertently switched it off. We had never used a lamp with that switch.

My son and I looked at each other realizing there had been nothing wrong with the iPad I had returned to Best Buy. Someone was going to be pretty happy with an almost new iPad for a low price.

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