The title above is an appropriate one whenever I’m invited to read at schools. I recently went to a third grade classroom in Palmdale, CA, where I not only read one of my stories, but also talked about the children’s writing experiences, love of learning, and being a good student. This particular class was truly exciting for me as I felt I was getting through and influencing many children to have a better life by reading. I found some of them had already lost their desire to learn–and at such a young age! The Question and Answer period was also very illuminating where the students took front and center. They liked asking questions better than answering them. Either way it was beneficial because they were participating. Each question made it easier for me to make my point how learning was so important and enjoyable. I stressed that they all had the potential to be “A” students, no matter how poorly they may have been doing at the time, and it wouldn’t take long to make a complete turnaround. When I explained how it could be done, I saw the excitement in the teacher’s eyes, which was as exhilarating for me as watching the children’s reaction. To be effective I had to be given enough time and not be rushed. The teacher facilitated me in that regard, in fact she encouraged me to continue. That morning was an inspirational experience for me. I’ve found if my presentations go smoothly, the children never tire from hearing me talk, but I’ve become adept at knowing when they become bored or tired and end the session.

I also read to three wonderful classes at St. Mary’s Catholic School: First grade, Mrs. Boyd; Second Grade, Mrs. Fuentes; and third grade, Miss Catalla and Miss Rios. Because I didn’t have time they were given one of my shorter talks, but I still added a little humor.  I can’t help trying to be a comedian no matter what age level I’m speaking to. They all expressed their thanks by sending me letters or drawings that showed off their talents. They were truly appreciated. Below are a few samples of letters I received from Mrs. Fuentes class. Every child in her class were superior printers, a terrific discipline that could be carried over to every subject:

Dear Mr. Mayerhofer– “I like the book Wobbly Bags a Thief because people need to learn to respect others. Also, people need to be safe and careful” – Elijah

Dear Mr. Mayerhofer -”I enjoyed you reading Wobbly Bags a Thief. It was so exciting for me. God bless you. Thank you” – Ashley

Dear Mr. Mayerhofer “I liked the book Wobbly Bags a Thief. I would like you to come and read us another story. It was lots of fun” – David

Dear Mr. Mayerhofer “I loved the book you read to us, Wobbly Bags a Thief. Thank you for taking your time to read to us. I would love to read your other books” – Amanda

Dear Mr. Mayerhofer “I like your jokes you told us. I like the book Wobbly Bags a Thief. It was a funny story” – Bernice

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