Below is an email I received from my niece, Cathy Minoli, who’s husband is Lorenzo Minoli, reputable Italian movie producer and director. He received an Oscar for his Biblical movie, “Joseph.” Cathy gave me her opinion about my story “NIck Meets Knobby,” that she had just read and heard me narrate on my website. The story is about a boy named Nick and his dog, Knobby.

Uncle Felix–I can only say BRAVO!! What a treat! I just met Knobby and listened to his first adventure, what a WONDERFUL story. The web page is also fabulous, the illustrations too. What an accomplishment and legacy! I am sure there are millions of kids enjoying your stories AND the way YOU tell them. You really have something to be proud of. Thank you for sending me the link, I really enjoyed it.

My famous uncle!!

Please keep up the great work and keep sharing with me.



PS I have here in Italy a niece and nephew at the right age and will pass it on!

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