I finally finished “Plug Your Book” and it was a wild ride. What a great book! Steve Weber, the author, recommended reading it a second time and to organize a plan of action for the third reading where his principals for success should be applied. He said it would take at least a year to start getting big sales if your book is good! That’s the secret word, “good.” But I got anxious and tried to link to Technorati Profile before I knew what I was doing and got stuck. My son came to the rescue and helped me with that link. I decided to read the book a second and third time before trying that again.

While I was trying to absorb the contents of the book, I began re-editing my novel, “Diary of a Young Musician,” that received Highly Recommended by “Midwest Book Review” two years ago. My small publisher in Indiana went bankrupt last year after being flooded out, and in the process all the author’s books were lost, including mine. I’m now self-publishing the book with Fideli Publishing, and copies are now available on my website, Felix Mayerhofer.com. The book also received FIVE STARS from amazon.com. The saga of “Plug Your Book,” will continue with another article, soon.

Good News! My children’s book, “The Three Little Godfathers,” has just been released and it’s available both in my Bookstore in “Felix the Storyteller, audiochildrensbooks.com, and amazon.com.

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