I’ve begun a complicated project that I hope will help children find my website “Felix the Storyteller,” where they can read my many stories for free, and at the same time I”ll sell my books that are in the Bookstore. My son, David, who built and created the website, has been working to get a higher ranking for the site, but being busy with his own business, I wanted to help him by learning how to do it myself.

I recently read a well-written and informative article by Karen McWilliams in the May|June 2009 edition of SCBWI Magazine, where she wrote about the book Plug Your Book! Online Marketing for Authors by Steve Weber. The article truly excited me because I felt the book she basically reviewed was exactly what I’d been looking for. Weber gave examples of ways for authors to promote their books online. He had helped launch over 1,000 books online as well as assisted many publishers in building online marketing departments.

I immediately ordered the book and it arrived in a couple of days. Karen was right, it’s an easy read but it stops right there. Karen said she had very little computer skills but had no trouble understanding what Weber had to say. That’s the difference between younger and older computer users and I’m in the latter category. When I plugged into some of the URL’s I got confused–old age setting in. I know I’ll eventually get it but it will take longer. I’ve had the same problem ever since my early 60′s, when I learned to play the piano, reviewed my jazz band arranging skills that I hadn’t done for years, and began studying jazz and classical guitars. I did them well, and at the same time I was writing my 38 children’s stories and novel. I had to eventually stop playing piano and the guitars when my fingers and hands began bothering me in my 70′s. This was all accomplished after I retired, but being older it took longer to absorb the material.

I’m sure the further I get into Plug Your Book and my mind eventually soaks up the material, it will become easier, and I should get the expected results. I already have a website that Weber recommends building, and three of my books are on amazon.com, so I’m slightly ahead of the game. It’s going to be a struggle for while, so I’ll continue this series to let you know my progress is if I haven’t given up the battle. If I’ve stopped you’ll know Father Time has taken over.

The above article will be the first of a series dealing with this book.

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