Shortly before the birth of Christ, an angel appeared before a handicapped shepherd boy named Luke, who was told to collect old and damaged oil lamps. This request presented problems with Luke’s friends, townspeople, and was also of concern to his parents. On Christmas Eve he followed a bright star directed towards a stable in Bethlehem, where the reason for the oil lamps is revealed to him.

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When I was trying to come up with an idea for another children’s story, my son David said, “Dad, why don’t you write the ultimate Christmas story?” I laughed! Hundreds of stories if not more had been written about Christmas, but his suggestion stuck in my mind. A few weeks later as I was watching an old black and white TV movie, one of the characters was a handicapped boy walking with a crutch. It suddenly occurred to me that using a boy with a crutch could be introduced as part of the Nativity story during the birth of Christ. Ideas began flowing through my mind as if an angel was guiding me. In no time at all I had written the basic plot with a boy on a crutch named Luke being the main character.


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